How To Rescue A Dying Prayer Plant?

How To Rescue A Dying Prayer Plant

The prayer plant is a Brazilian native, and its name comes from its appearance. The leaves open during the morning and fold back at night, making it look as if the plant is praying to the sun. However, the environment does affect the plant, so you must take proper care of it. If you think …

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How Often Should I Water Rosemary In My Herb Garden?

How Often Should You Water Rosemary Plants

Plants are, in general, the best part of the world. With various colors to the fragrance that we can smell from plants, life is like a beautiful painting. Among many beautiful and worthwhile plants are Rosemary plants. But just like any other plant, it can be tricky at times to understand how often to water …

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Top 5 Best Rain Barrels [2022]

Best Rain Barrels For Outdoor Landscaping And Water Collection

Rain Barrels are the future. Water sources are diminishing in front of our eyes. Every activity of a living being is dependent on water one way or the other. Many existing water sources are not usable for pollution. But one source can save us from the upcoming water crisis. It is rainwater. Your house roof …

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Why Is My Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown? Is it Normal?

Why Are My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown

Do you have a peace lily plant at home? If so, you may have noticed that the flowers are starting to turning brown. This can be a cause for concern, but don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss the possible reasons why is your peace lily flower could …

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Top 5 Best Mulch for Vegetable Garden [2022]

Our reviews of the best mulch options for your vegetable garden

If you are thinking about growing vegetables in your garden or are already gardening vegetables, you will realize that mulch is a very important factor in your vegetables’ health. Without mulch, the soil in your garden will not be insulated enough to sustain vegetables. Mulch will retain moisture in the soil and regulate its temperature …

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Top 5 Best Tomato Cages [2022]

Our reviews of tomato cages and our pick of the best one for your vegetable garden

If you have been looking into growing tomatoes, you probably already know how important it is to get the right products for them to ensure that they can thrive. This is because they are delicate and require the perfect conditions to be met to grow healthily. Climbing plants like tomatoes need sturdy supports to grow …

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How Do I Get Rid Of Thrips In My Indoor Or Outdoor Herb Garden?

Getting Rid Of Thrips From Your Herb Or Vegetable Garden

Unfortunately, as anyone who has been growing herbs or vegetables for a while knows, insects are a major part of every household garden. Regardless of whether you are growing in-ground, in above-ground planters, or even growing in indoor herb garden kits, insects are often an unavoidable nuisance. Some are good and encourage pollenation, others are …

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How to Cut Basil A Plant From Your Herb Garden

How To Properly Cut Basil Grown In Your Herb Garden

Cutting basil plants is one of the major strategies for growing large, thick bushes. Many gardeners are afraid to cut their plants in case it may cause damage to their plants and reduce productivity. But the reality is that pruning plants as basil helps us have it fresh, and we can save it for the …

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