Happy Birthday: A Flowers and Plants Gift-Giving Guide by Month

Flowers and plants have long been some of the best gifts you can give someone.

Flowers brighten up the room. In bouquets, they offer shocks of color and fragrance that can fill a space and stand as a reminder that someone cares for days or weeks.

Live plants can go even further. When gifted in a sweet pot, they can hold a place in someone’s heart, and someone’s space, for months or even years to come.

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To add even more personality to the gift, you can choose the particular flower or plant representing the month of someone’s birth. There is nothing like this highly specific, lovely, and affordable offering to someone you care about.

January: Carnations


January feels like an impossible gift-giving month. It is usually cold, wet, and dreary.

What better way to brighten up someone’s January birthday than with carnations! Yes. It is weird that carnations are the flower for January even though they typically bloom in May, but carnations are bright and fragrant any time of year.

And you don’t have to buy them fresh! You can invest in artificial carnations or even just incorporate carnation symbolism in a unique item.

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February: Violets

I know. I know. You instantly think of red roses when you think of February. But not everyone is born on, or even enjoys, Valentine’s Day.

And not everyone wants their birthday associated with roses. Violets are actually the flower for February.

With their pretty purple petals and their strong fragrance, violets are a perfect reminder that spring is on its way. They are also a great flower to give in a pot, so they last for years.

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March: Daffodil

It’s no surprise that the daffodil is the flower for March. It is one of the first flowers that pops out of the ground as the rain and sun kick off spring.

It’s also the perfect way to honor someone born in the first month of the warmer seasons.  If you decide to give daffodils, you could go with fresh cut or the live plant in a pot with some fresh soil. Either way, they are sure to be a hit.

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April: Daisy

What better way to celebrate an April birthday than with the daisy? It is in full bloom at the height of spring, hard enough to endure endless rain, and it makes a bountiful bouquet.

You can give a loved one daisies to plant in their garden, as well, so they will always remember you and how much you care, no matter the weather.

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May: Common Hawthorne or Lily of the Valley

Yes! You have two choices for the month of May.

The common hawthorne is a flowering tree with beautiful blooms, and the lily of the valley will perfume your entire house for weeks.

Why do you have two choices? There is actually an interesting backstory to that.

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June: Roses and Honeysuckle

June is another month where you have choices. Roses typically bloom in late spring, so this time is perfect for fresh-cut flowers or to deliver a delicate plant to place in the garden.

Honeysuckle is a special gift for a friend willing to grow a creeping vine that will bloom in spring and throughout summer, providing pollinator flowers and fragrance for months.

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July: Larkspur

An interesting flower, the larkspur blooms in a wide variety of colors and is the mythical flower that bloomed during the battle of Troy. The different colors hold different symbolism, so you can pick and choose which is best for your loved one.

Make a beautiful bouquet with larkspur or gift seeds or a live plant for your friend or family member with a July birthday.

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August: Gladiolus or Poppy

The gladiolus is a particularly hardy plant to give for August birthdays, which makes sense in this typically excessively hot month. It’s a great way to show someone you think that he or she is strong.

The poppy is the other August flower, which is a soft, loving flower of remembrance. You can give it as a bouquet or as a summer garden adornment.

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September: Asters or Morning Glories

While you can give either asters or morning glories to represent a September birthday, both these flowers are ideal as a plant, either in a pot or to be planted in a garden. They will bloom into glorious flowers to admire for months, and they both represent lasting love and innocence, in their own way.

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October: Marigolds and Cosmos

Marigolds are such a classic fall flower, so of course, it would be the perfect gift for someone with an October birthday.

With a variety of dark orange shades and long-lasting blooms, the marigold is the ideal way to wish someone a happy birthday.

You could also choose the cosmos, a flower of peace and serenity. Either plant can be given as a cut flower or as one to plant.

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November: Chrysanthemum


A gorgeous flower, even if you can’t spell it, the Chrysanthemum is a wonderful way to celebrate someone with a birthday in November.

Representing good fortune and longevity, this pretty fall flower can bloom for months, so you can give it in a pot, as seeds, or as fresh-cut flowers in a bouquet.

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December: Holly and Narcissus

The cold winter is setting in, so of course the holly plant is a lovely gift to give for a December birthday as it shows resilience even during hard times.

The narcissus flower is another great flower for this month, as it is a symbol of good wishes and hope.

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What do you think? Do you have a favorite flower or plant to give for specific birth months? Do you follow the common birth month flower guide? Tell me about it in the comments. I love to hear from my readers!

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