Top 5 Best Rain Barrels [2022]

Rain Barrels are the future. Water sources are diminishing in front of our eyes. Every activity of a living being is dependent on water one way or the other.

Many existing water sources are not usable for pollution. But one source can save us from the upcoming water crisis. It is rainwater.

Best Rain Barrels For Outdoor Landscaping And Water Collection

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Your house roof catches hundreds of gallons of rainwater each year. Utilizing this huge amount of water makes you a smart consumer. Many products help you in storing rainwater. But if you are in search of only the best, then your search ends here.

Top 5 Best Rain Barrels in 2022 – Summary

Product Image Features
RTS Home Accents
  • 50 gallons capacity
  • Aluminum framed screen
  • Virgin food-grade polyethylene body material

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Algreen Products – EcoCascata 65
  • 65 gallons capacity
  • Made from BPA-free roto-molded plastic
  • Dual water overflows

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Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50
  • 50 gallons of water capacity
  • Brass, oak wood, and plastic material
  • Brass spigot for hose connection

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Good Ideas Impressions Palm 50 Gallon
  • 50 gallons capacity
  • BPA-free polyethylene material
  • Dual spigot locations

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  • 75 gallons capacity
  • Plastic material
  • 3 outflows

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1. RTS Home Accents – Best Overall

Woodgrain barrels have been around for quite some time now. The best feature that makes this barrel stand out in the market is, the barrels are cast from original whiskey barrels. We give it a thumbs up for the authenticity it brings to your garden.

A durable Spigot is undoubtedly important to make the barrel usable for many years. The standard size of the spigot is easier to connect with any regular hose pipe used in the garden.


  • The brass spigot allows dual overflow
  • Authentic oak barrel texture
  • Sanded and hand-painted bands
  • Flatback helps the barrel to sit against the wall


  • After filling with water, the back bows a little
  • The non-removable lid makes cleaning difficult

2. Algreen Products EcoCascata 65 – Runner Up

Something that looks sleek yet does the job amazingly is what we present to you. This product will enhance the elegance of your place with its sleek-looking terra cotta finish texture. But there are more reasons why we place it in the second place. You can have access to 100% of your water stored with this product.

The brass spigot is high quality and will last many years. The double wall also ensures durability. You can link multiple rain barrels with the barrel kit. This way all the water stored in the barrel is utilized.


  • BPA free food-grade material
  • High-quality brass spigot
  • Bottom barrel connector for full access to stored water
  • Multiple kits available


  • If you do not use the crown planter, then dirt can be collected as well
  • The low faucet option makes water filling harder in a watering can

3. Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50

This water barrel is designed to keep your water safe from as many options as there are. A UV-resistant polyethylene resin construction of the barrel keeps dirt, debris, mold, algae away from your stored water. We highly appreciate the manufacturer’s effort to build this product from recycled materials. This product is good for the environment, as the water stored inside is good for you. No wonder we have given this product the 3rd slot on the list of the bests.


  • Environment-friendly product
  • Plastic mesh screen to keep debris away
  • Flatback helps the placing of the barrel against a wall
  • Multiple connections are available


  • Nonremovable top makes cleaning difficult
  • You have to use a stand to access all the water​

4.  Good Ideas Impressions Palm 50 Gallon

The palm trunk finish of this barrel is something that will instantly elevate the elegance of your garden. This barrel is gorgeous along with a good water capacity. The product is BPA-free. So, no chemical particle is entering your water. Also, the meshed screening helps in keeping the water safe from debris.


  • Meshed screen keeps bugs and debris away
  • Sturdy brass spigot
  • Routed channel to divert access water
  • Palm trunk finish makes the barrel look decorative


  • Occasional overflows
  • You cannot remove the lid to clean the barrel


Our last mention is a giant water barrel from KYOTO. This barrel can store 75 gallons of water. This is a great deal for many gardeners out there. Not only does this barrel stores a huge amount of water, but it can also withstand extreme temperatures. This means, your water stays safe from sun and algae growth. The childproof top is another feature we admire, as it keeps the children and pets away from any harm.


  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Great water capacity
  • Can be attached to other rain barrels
  • Childproof top


  • Average quality spigots
  • The small nozzle makes poor water flow

Rain Barrel Buying Guide

Now that you know what are the best deals for rain barrels in the market, here is a buying guide to help you further with the purchase.


Options such as earthenware and concrete-made barrels are available in the market. But most of the rain barrels are made of plastics. While purchasing a plastic-made one, make sure to check that the material is BPA-free. This way you are safe from particle-lead hazards. You can also opt for barrels offering UV protection for added safety.


Know how much water you will need for your garden. Also, keep in mind the quantity of water flowing down from your roof. This is how you can get the right size of the barrel.

Do not opt for size less than the need. Often overflows from barrels can damage your house and walls. Hence, it is wise to buy the correct size of the rain barrel.


Rain barrels store gallons of water. If the barrel does not have any lid, mosquitoes can breed in the water. Debris and bugs can make the water polluted as well. Besides, your children and pets can face danger from the open water source. Hence, always buy a barrel with a mesh lid.

Final Thoughts

Water sources are becoming scarce day by day. It will be rather foolish on our part not to utilize renewable sources of water, like rainwater. Although many people use rain barrels for the gardening purpose only, maybe there is a future waiting for us where rain barrels will provide water for our every water-based need.

Our pick is the RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel. We love the rustic look, the storage capacity, the aluminum screen, the high-quality brass spigot, and everything about this product.

Have a favorite rain barrel or maybe one that you don’t love so much? Be sure to share your experiences with others in the comments!

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