25 Best Leaf Jokes and Puns

Autumn is finally here! Although the Fall brings in some cool wind and some falling leaves, it also brings those long-awaited Fall gatherings with friends and relatives – and what better way to prepare for these important meetups than by learning some funny leaf jokes?

Nothing beats a sense of humor when it comes to easing the mind. Although gatherings are meant to be joyful get-togethers, big events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah are still hotbeds for rising tensions or stress levels due to the amount of preparation everyone puts into them. Who knows, your funny leaf puns, or funny flower jokes, could be exactly what everyone needs to have a good time.

Laughing is proven to be healthy, especially when done every day. It eases the mood, takes away stress (which is one factor of aging), keeps you resilient and helps you bond with people.

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So, are your jokes about leaves ready as we head deep into the Fall? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter – we’re here to give you a few of the best ones, so stick around!

Leaf Jokes to Enjoy This Fall

Leaf Jokes to Enjoy This Fall

Leaf jokes are great. They’re in season, and they’re mostly child-friendly – what more could you want? Whether or not you get a laugh out of your audience, they could help you loosen up the mood with your relatives, peers, and even the kids.

Most jokes come in a Q&A format, which makes them a natural ice breaker at those big family get-togethers with Aunt Maud who hasn’t seen you in years.

Well? Are you ready? Or are you already leaf-ing this page?

Let’s get on with the jokes!

What type of fish falls from trees?

A Jel-leaf-ish!

What is a cup of tea made with old tea leaves called?


Why was the tea leaf a bad father?

He was an absen-tea parent!

How was the struggling leaf able to get the job he interviewed for?

It turns out, he had the right qua-leaf-ications.

How did the maple leaves and the elm leaves get along?

They both signed a peace tree-ty!

How do leaves travel from one place to another?

They use an autumn-mobile!

What happens if a tree falls into mud?

It leafs an impression!

Which side of a cherry tree has the most leaves?

The outside!

What happened to the leaf when he was caught cheating during a competition?

He got disqua-leaf-ied!

Why does lightning always strike trees?

Because they are the path of leaf resistance!

Why should you stay away from trees?

Because they wanna be leafed alone!

What did the TV-watching leaf say to the other?

“I loved last night’s episode, but sadly it ended in a c-leaf-hanger!”

What do you call a salad leaf that always works out at the gym?

A shredded lettuce!

Leaf Puns to Enjoy This Fall

Leaf Puns to Enjoy This Fall

Of course, traditional Q&A jokes aren’t the only way to kick up the leaf humor this autumn. Sometimes, you need to appeal to a more intellectual audience. That’s where the puns come in. Remember, though, puns take some setup and require better timing than the traditional Q&A jokes, which you can say any time, relevant or not.

Although puns require more setup and quick thinking, they pay off on delivery.

Here are a bunch of puns about leaves that can also help jog your brain to think about more unique ones (like inside jokes, as well) for you and your friends.

1. Autumn might have to be Wiz Kha-leaf-a’s favorite season.

2. Wow, seeing all this food certainly leaf-ts my spirits!

1. He looks like he’s got something up his s-leaf.

2. You can get lots of vitamins from cau-leaf-lours.

3. I’m sorry, that got me a bit stumped – I have to leaf.

4. I might return the new leaf blower I bought … it sucks.

5. Don’t iron a four-leaf clover! You don’t want to press your luck!

6. I don’t think Canada is real. I think it’s all … maple leaf.

7. Don’t leaf me hanging now!

8. You really autumn know by now.

9. Be-leaf me, I’m pine.

10. Phew, what a re-leaf!

I hope you enjoyed going through this list as much as I did cooking them up! Be-leaf me, I’d be pretty re-leaf-ed if you genuinely appreciated this!

Got any leafy joke ideas to add? Make sure to give us a laugh in the comments below!

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