The Best Air Purifying Plants for Your Home

When choosing a plant for your home or office, it can be difficult to decide. Most likely, you want a plant that is easy to care for, but there are hundreds of those. Also, you’d ideally like something that is pretty or interesting to look at.

Lately, more and more plant lovers are also seeking out air-purifying plants to breathe more easily at home. Fortunately, you have plenty of options that fit all three parameters – plants that are easy to care for, are attractive, and will keep the air in your home or office clean.

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6 Best Air Purifying Plants for Your Home

Cactus Plants

Cactus Plants

When it comes to hardy and easy-to-maintain plants, cactus plants win in every competition. The only plant easier to care for is an artificial one, but then you won’t get the air-purifying benefits.

I know. It’s hard to imagine that this prickly plant can offer air purifying benefits, but it does! And when you add that quality to the fact that cactus plants are drought tolerant and super cool to look at, you may find yourself eager to rush out and get a cactus plant, or three or five, to fill your house and keep your air clean.

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Snake Plant

The snake plant is another plant you might not be able to buy just one of. They are so cool looking, so hardy, and so easy to care for that you cannot help but fall in love with them and head out to get another then another.

With tall, stalk-like leaves in interesting variegated greens, the snake plant stands as a fun conversation piece for anyone who encounters it in your home or office. And yes, it is one of the best plants for purifying air.

While many plants remove one or two toxins from the air, the snake plant has been shown to remove four! Yes. You need a snake plant in your life. Probably more than one.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you spend any time looking at pictures of plants on the internet and social media, you have likely seen photo upon photo of fiddle leaf fig trees in people’s homes and offices. They are gorgeous statement pieces and relatively easy to care for once you get the watering balance right.

As a rainforest plant, these guys love plenty of water but also don’t want to sit in puddles. It is a simple matter of watching the soil.

Otherwise, this plant is a dream to have at home or in your office, and thanks to the large, broad leaves, they will not only absorb toxins from the air but also return plenty of oxygen at night for you. To learn more about caring for a fiddle leaf fig plant, read my full artile on the fiddle leaf fig here.

Dragon Tail

Such a fun plant to have at home or in the office, a dragon tail plant is both interesting to look at and easy to care for. As a native to the Australian jungle floor, it is a climbing plant that will wind itself around a trellis or up a pole stuck in a pot, making it interesting to watch grow.

With a little water and indirect sunlight streaming through a nearby window, you can make the dragon tail your next air-purifying plant, cleaning up toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, which are common household toxins.

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Mass Cane Plant

Like the fiddle leaf fig, the mass cane plant is large and in charge … of pretty much everything. It grows up to 6 feet tall and sprouts leaves like stalks of corn, earning it the nickname “corn plant.”

This plant, which is much more aptly called a tree, will sit on a drip pan in a basket in a corner of your room at home or in your office and attract attention and interest from all who enter.

As a bonus, the size of the plant and its leaves ensures it does an excellent job of cleaning the air of toxins and providing ample oxygen. You can’t help but be happy around this plant.

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Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion

The calathea medallion may not grow to be as big as a fiddle leaf fig or a mass cane plant, but its leaves might be just as large and broad, giving it an advantage in cleaning air and providing oxygen.

This bushy foliage with medallion-shaped leaves that are green on top and a purplish color on the underside will grow to be 3 feet tall, and it will work overtime to rid the air of many common household toxins.

The bathroom is actually a great spot for this one as it loves humidity. What better place for it to take create fresh air and clean toxins?

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In the end, you really can’t go wrong bringing live plants into your home to purify the air, and so many of them are so easy to care for that you might as well bring home a dozen or so! A house with plants is a happy house for sure, and now you know it is a cleaner one, too.

What are your favorite air-purifying plants? Do you have any to add to this list? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from my readers!

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