Plant and Flower Ideas for People Born in August

For those born in August, there are two beautiful birth flowers. The gladiolus, also known as the sword lily, and the poppy.

Because of the sword-like shape to their leaves, the gladiolus is known as a flower of strength. There are about 300 varieties of this amazing flower, with most being native to Africa. In the mid-1700s, it was first brought to Great Britain where it soon became highly popular and was used to make many hybrids.

Many varieties have been created that have new colors and are more resistant to disease.

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The poppy is known as a flower of peace and remembrance. While it was once a flower only for the rich, today it can be owned by anyone and is available in a wide range of colors.

The flower symbolizes consolation that can bring remembrance and the resurrection that can happen during peace. While they commonly come in red, there are also orange and blue varieties.

Gladiolus Bloom in the Summer, Making Them a Good August Birthday Gift

Gladiolus Bloom in the Summer, Making Them a Good August Birthday Gift

Not every flower blooms in the summer, but luckily, the gladiolus does. Different varieties of gladiolus bloom at different times with the earliest blooming in June and the latest blooming all the way up until the first frost. That makes it easy to get this striking flower during the month of August.

There are many, many colors of gladiolus, including pink, white, yellow, orange, green, and purple, making it easy to choose someone’s favorite color. They also have a great smell, making them irresistible to anyone who receives them.

Bouquets That Contain Gladiolus Are Easy to Find For A Birthday Gift

Bouquets That Contain Gladiolus Are Easy to Find for a birthday gift

The gladiolus is such a popular flower that they are easy to find when you want to send live flowers. There are many bouquets and arrangements that use gladiolus for its great colors and dramatic spike covered in blooms.

When looking for an arrangement with gladiolus, be sure to also search for the name sword lily, as some retail outlets will call it this. There are bouquets that allow the gladiolus to stand out with all of its drama as well as bouquets that integrate them into the whole so that each flower creates a harmonious look.

Artificial Gladiolus Are a Great, Low-Maintenance Gift for August Birthdays

Artificial Gladiolus Are a Great, Low-Maintenance Gift for August Birthdays (2)

To make it even easier to both give and receive gladiolus, you can choose an artificial version as your August birthday gift. They are incredibly easy to take care of, and they are made to look just like the real thing.

With no maintenance required and no wilting possible, they are great August birthday flower gifts that the recipient will love to display in their home. If you are seeking to give a flower gift for August birthdays, this is a thoughtful gift for those who could use the beauty of the gladiolus in their home year-round.

Incorporate Gladiolus into Your August Birthday Gift – Without Giving Flowers

Incorporate Gladiolus into Your august Birthday Gift – Without Giving Flowers

If you don’t want to give flowers or wonder whether the recipient has room for them, you can incorporate these lovely flowers into a different type of gift. These August birthday ideas include jewelry pieces that use either the gladiolus or the poppy in their design.

Luckily, both of these flowers are beautiful and popular, so it isn’t hard to find pieces that use their shapes and colors. Gladiolus or poppy gifts for August birthdays are a thoughtful way to say happy birthday.

You can choose a striking pendant like this gladiolus pendant that uses the beauty of this flower to allow the recipient to take it with them anywhere. It is also a great idea to incorporate the August birthstone into the jewelry piece.

The August birthstone that is commonly used is the peridot, but there are also the spinel and the sardonyx. It may be harder to find the other two stones on a piece of birthday month jewelry, but there are many that feature the peridot such as this poppy necklace.

Poppy-Scented Lotion Birthday Gift Will Give Them the Scent of Poppies Year Round

Poppy-Scented Lotion birthday gift Will Give Them the Scent of Poppies Year Round (2)

Poppies aren’t just beautiful- they also have an amazing smell. That smell is one of the best things about this flower and every August-born person will love this smell. And, since it’s the scent of the birth flower, it’s even more special and meaningful.

This poppy-scented body lotion is perfect for allowing the recipient to have the smell of poppies near them anytime they like. It’s a great way to have the scent of poppies when the growing season is long over.

A Poppy-Scented Candle Is a Lovely Gift for August Birthdays

A Poppy-Scented Candle Is a Lovely Gift for August Birthdays (2)

The enchanting smell of poppies is also great in candles. This lovely scent can be added to any room by simply having a scented candle in the room. And when it is burned, it releases even more scent into the air.

This candle is a great way to give the gift of this wonderful scent. It’s a nice decorative object and will look nice on a table or dresser. And when it’s lit, the recipient may think about you and how thoughtful you were to give them this gift.

Gladiolus or Poppy Flowers for August Birthdays

Gladiolus or Poppy Flowers for August Birthdays

With the gladiolus and the poppy being the birth flowers for August, using these flowers in some way in your gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday.

You can send a bouquet that incorporates gladiolus or send a few spikes of the plant on their own. You can also give the gift of artificial gladiolus since they require no maintenance. If you won’t want to give gladiolus or poppy flowers for August birthdays, you can give a gift that incorporates them such as a piece of jewelry or a scented candle.

What are your favorite August birthday gifts that use gladiolus or poppies?

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