Asked And Answered: How Are Artificial Plants Made?

We often get questions about the process of manufacturing the artificial trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs that we sell. Questions about the products include topics like:

  • What are artificial plants made of? / What materials do they use to make artificial plants?
  • Do these plants and flowers have a texture, similar to real plants?
  • Are the colors of these flowers similar to real plants and flowers?

While we do our best to answer every question we can, we found this great video from the “How It’s Made” show on the Discover Channel that outlines the entire process of creating an artificial flower, including the coloring process and the steps taking to give the flower a texture that is as close to real as possible.

As you can see in the video, the process is a long, thoughtful process, that results in products that output a product that is as close to “real” as possible

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What do you think? Does that process create plants and flowers that are close to real? Have questions about our products and how they are made, feel free to ask them in a comment. We’d love to hear it!

Some other questions we get asked a lot are the following:

  • Are fake plants bad for the environment?
  • Are artificial plants toxic? / Are fake plants healthy?

To learn if fake plants are toxic or eco friendly, check out this blog post Are Faux Flowers Better For The Environment?

Can you use artificial plants outside? Yes, you can most certainly use your fake plants in your outdoor decor or landscaping.


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