8 Alternative Christmas Trees That Will Spice Up Your Holidays

What is the best way to tell if it is Christmas?

You can already feel it in the air, from the Christmas songs playing on every radio station to the new Christmas themed movies and decorations that have taken over most homes and businesses.

The atmosphere at Christmas is unlike any other holiday; it is truly enchanting.

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Besides commemorating the birth of the most popular December baby of all time, baby Jesus, it is a joyous day that brings family and friends together to celebrate, exchange memories, and laugh together.

A time of thanksgiving for having reached the end of the year, as well as a time of reflection on how the year has progressed

Regardless of all of that, the love, and the festivities, you must have been curious about how the Christmas tree, which is the most widely observed Christmas tradition, came to be.

Where Did The Tradition Of A Christmas Tree Come From?

We will pretend it is 735 in Germany, and St Boniface is taking a stroll when he comes across pagans making sacrifices under an oak tree dedicated to the god Thor (donar).

These sights irritate him as a man of God, so he takes an axe and falls down the tree. The pagans are profoundly amazed that St. Boniface has escaped the vengeance of their GODS.

In the heat of the moment, he declares a nearby evergreen tree to be their holy tree, so beginning a long-standing tradition in the Christian community.

Fast forward to the year 1848. The practice took off after a London paper publish an illustration of the royal family gathered around a festively decked Christmas tree, and it spreads to all corners of the world.

However, as the practice grew, it began to have a negative impact on the environment, and fake Christmas trees appeared to be a better and more ecologically sustainable solution.

How Prevalent Are Christmas Trees In The US?

Presently, artificial Christmas trees account for 85 per cent of all trees in the United States households.

There are now more possibilities for Christmas trees for folks who want something exciting and different or who don’t have access to the classic Christmas tree.

What Are Some Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas?

Here are some great Christmas tree ideas to try this holiday season.

Cactus Christmas trees are a good option for those who live in arid conditions.

Cactus Christmas tree

Cactus plants are becoming increasingly popular and are progressively being used as Christmas trees.

In addition to having a unique shape, the cactus plant is also very easy to care for and will remain fresh throughout the holiday season, assuming you choose to purchase a live one and decorate it yourself.

You can also choose a gorgeous artificial cactus tree that is already decorated and prelit, which will look just like an actual cactus plant.

A Clear Glass Christmas Tree Alternative

Do you have a limited amount of room but want something eye-catching? Consider purchasing a clear glass Christmas tree with lights.

clear glass Christmas tree

There is little doubt that you are missing out if you have not yet experienced a clear glass Christmas tree. They are available in various sizes, so you won’t have to worry about running out of room.

They are ideal for bringing the charismatic aura indoors without the need of a traditional tree or for simply adding a finishing touch.

Glass Christmas trees are available prelit and can be utilized as lamps instead of lights, which can make the atmosphere of your home feel more welcoming and memorable than usual.

Industrial Wrought Iron Christmas Tree

Are you looking for something a little more industrial? Consider getting a wrought iron Christmas tree.

wrought iron Christmas tree

Wrought iron is an aesthetic that will never go out of style. A wrought iron Christmas tree, which is simply a wrought iron in the shape of a traditional Christmas tree, is a fantastic alternative to think about.

When it comes to decorating, these metal Christmas trees are every bit of fun as a typical Christmas tree. They can also be re-used in other situations.

While you’re waiting for the next one Christmas, you can utilize it as part of your home décor.

An Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Looking for something entirely out of the ordinary? Consider putting up an upside-down Christmas tree.

upside-down Christmas tree.It’s all about creativity, and no, the tree is not inadvertently turned upside down; in fact, the tree’s uniqueness and unexpectedness are what make it so appealing.

All you have to do now is add some lightbulbs and your favourite decorations, and you’re done.

Simple, White, Lighted Christmas Tree

Looking for a simple yet classy look? Try this white lighted tree with a simple design.

white lighted tree

When it comes to Christmas, you can never do too much, but for those who are overwhelmed by all the decorations but still want a tree, a minimal white lighted tree is the way to go; it is simple, and the elegance that emanates from a white lighting is unrivaled.

A Lighted Palm Tree For Your Christmas Tree

The tropics are calling! How about a lighted palm tree for Christmas?

lighted palm tree

It is possible to find the perfect Christmas tree. If you can’t go to the beach this holiday season, why not bring a piece of it inside your own home? That’s a good idea, isn’t it.

This Christmas, why not treat yourself to a six-foot artificial palm tree with Christmas lights?

You may install it inside your home or acquire a few and make your pool area look like a holiday destination.

Gold Dress Christmas Tree For The Fashionista

How about this gold dress Christmas tree for the fashionistas?

gold dress Christmas tree

A gold dress for the Christmas tree, Yes, please! This Christmas tree features a long, lovely ruffled golden gown, as well as mystic and ethereal lighting that enhances the tree’s beauty.

A Driftwood Christmas Tree

A driftwood Christmas tree is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

driftwood Christmas tree

Do you feel free and at one with nature while you’re outside? For you, a driftwood Christmas tree would be ideal.

Driftwood is often handcrafted and has a charming rusty appearance. You won’t have to bother about putting them together because they’ve already been done for you.

Your driftwood Christmas tree may be decorated any way you like and is also a great item of décor.

Wrapping Up Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

wrap up

Hope that brings you a little insight on how the Christmas tree came to be.

As you can see, the opportunities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect Christmas tree to spice up your holidays — even if it isn’t real.

Got some favorite alternative tree ideas you want to share?

We’d be glad to hear them. Share with us in the comments section below.

Lovely Christmas!

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