6 Reasons an Aloe Plant Should Be Part of Your Home Décor

Whether you just moved in or the seasons are changing, you’re trying to do everything you can to ensure your home’s decor is on point. One of the best ways to spruce up your decor is with plants, and an aloe plant can be the perfect choice.

Aloe is a proven resource for relieving sunburn and is used as a topical gel that treats skin ailments like bug bites and burns. Having an aloe plant just a few feet away could prove useful, especially with the blazing sun of summer.

Aloe plants are easy to care for, which is a benefit to those of us who live our lives on the go. Aloe plants are a great choice to include in nearly every home or office décor, and we’ve pulled together a list of reasons why every home should have at least one aloe plant in it.

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Why Aloe Plants Are Good for Homes

Why Aloe Plants Are Good for Homes

Many people would say they’re too busy to care for houseplants, but others would agree that aloe plants are best for busy families. An aloe plant would make a great addition to your home not just because it’s nice to look at but because it’s also easy to care for.

It’s a succulent that loves indirect sunlight, which means you don’t have to water it that often. But the most important reason to have an aloe plant is its practical uses.

  • Aloe plants purify the air by ridding it of formaldehyde and benzene. These are chemicals commonly found in cleaning products, so it’s likely you’re breathing these harmful chemicals daily without realizing it.
  • Aloe has amazing healing properties. Break off a leaf and rub the inside of the leaf over any part of the body that has minor cuts and burns, eczema or psoriasis, or sunburn. The gel in the leaf has been proven to heal in all these situations.

An Aloe Plant Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

An Aloe Plant Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

If you’re someone who’s cautious about the type of energy you let into your home, then there’s even more reason to place an aloe plant in your home.

Are aloe plants good for feng shui?  Aloe plants have been proven to combat bad luck and negative energy. How could it not with the positive applications it provides to your family and how it cleans the air of unwanted toxic chemicals?

When a plant is not properly taken care of, however, it can lose its feng shui. So, if you’re really not up to caring for a plant, consider an artificial aloe plant.

Artificial plants can create positive energy, especially if they are a lifelike substitute. That’s what makes aloe plants ideal for feng shui flow.

Aloe Plants Are Easy to Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

Aloe Plants Are Easy to Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

If you’re wondering how hard it is to maintain an aloe plant, it’s not that complicated. The important thing to know is that aloe is a succulent plant that doesn’t need watering often, but it does require bright, indirect sunlight to grow beautifully.

Since direct sunlight can dry the plant out, you want to make sure you have a space in your home where it gets light but isn’t directly in the sun.

How Do Aloe Plants Grow?

It’s easy to get started growing an aloe plant indoors since they produce both flowers and seeds. Mature aloe plants at least four years old are great to garner seeds from to a new aloe plant.

The seeds will only appear if the flowers have been pollinated. Seeds can be harvested from a plant that you’ve grown or purchased from other growers.

If you don’t have an aloe plant to harvest from, you can buy seeds. However, if you do plan to harvest from an existing aloe plant, make sure you know when they’re ready to be harvested.

What Kind of Soil Do Aloe Plants Need?

It’s important to not use garden soil for your aloe plant. Aloe plants are succulents, and gardening soil will not benefit the growth of the plant.

A well-draining potting mix consisting of perlite, lava, rock, and chunks of bark is a better solution for keeping an aloe plant alive. You can use just one of the soil types or a mixture of them all.

This same type of mix would work for any succulent or cacti plant. No other type of drainage is necessary.

How Much Water Does an Aloe Plant Need?

Your aloe plant needs to be watered regularly – but not every day. When you water, provide enough water to moisten the soil below the top layer of dirt, but don’t let your aloe plant sit in standing water.

Allow the soil to dry at least one to two inches deep between waterings. This will prevent you from overwatering and the plant rotting out. Use a finger test, if needed, to test the dryness of the soil before watering.

Do not water if the soil is wet. A good estimate for watering an aloe plant is about every three weeks, especially during the warmer months.

Aloe Plants Are Relatively Inexpensive

Aloe Plants Are Relatively Inexpensive

If growing from seed is not your forte, you can also purchase an aloe plant as a full-grown plant. Real aloe plants are affordable and can be purchased in a variety of looks.

They can be bought as single plants or bunches, and in most cases, you can find live succulent aloe vera plants for less than $25.

Aloe Plant Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Aloe Plant Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

We mostly talk about the benefits of aloe plants from a health point of view and how easy they are to maintain. But maybe we should hone in once again on decorating with aloe plants indoors and how they improve the look of your home.

Check out some of these great ideas for decorating with your aloe plant.

  • Place it on a bookcase to add a touch of greenery.
  • Use it as a centerpiece on the dining room table or as an accent on an end table or nightstand.
  • Set an aloe plant on the sink counter in your bathroom.
  • Make use of your windowsill by putting a potted aloe plant there. Just be sure your aloe plant won’t get too much direct sun.
  • Make a statement with the planter or pot you put the aloe plant in. Go for a whimsical touch with a planter that has faces or words on it or create a more rustic look with rope-wrapped pots.
  • Set the stage for your aloe plant by nestling it on the mantel with scented candles and tiny lights.

Artificial Aloe Plants Often Look Just Like The Real Thing

Artificial Aloe Plants Often Look Just Like The Real Thing

When your home is the place you spend the least amount of time, you may want a plant but fear it will be neglected. The good about an aloe plant is that the artificial plant looks just as good as the real thing.

So, if the decor is all you’re after, don’t let your time away from home put a dent in it. There are plenty of affordable artificial aloe plants. Take your time and peruse through the various looks to find the one that best fits your space.

They can be purchased unpotted or in the pot. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find the right decor for your home.



Not only are aloe plants a good solution for sprucing up the look of your home, their benefits are nearly endless. From cleaning the air to healing burns and cuts and relieving sunburn, they provide plenty of utility.

To top it off, they make also make a great addition to your home décor. Do you have an aloe plant or some great ideas for decorating with aloe plants. We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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