Add Artificial Flower Flair To Your Winter Holiday Table

Add Faux Flower Flair To Your Winter Holiday Table

Who’s ready for the winter holidays?

As we finish up our Thanksgiving festivities, we can’t help but get excited for even more festive celebrations including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and the New Year celebration!

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Whether you’re hosting a large group or just hanging out with a friend or two, you’re going to want your winter holiday table to look its best.

While the centerpiece of your celebration table often reflects the holiday being celebrated, there are some consistent decorating tips that can carry across every holiday table.

Decorating your winter holiday table is not only easier using faux flowers and greenery, but because you don’t have to worry about keeping flowers alive throughout the winter season it can make your decorating less expensive.

Rather than worrying about why your live flowers are dropping petals or whether you have watered your live plants, you can simply place your chosen arrangement on the table and focus your energy on entertaining your guests or preparing an amazing meal.

One additional bonus is the fact that your artificial arrangements won’t trigger any allergies among your guests. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies will thank you after they’ve sneezed and sniffled their way through the change of seasons.

So, how do you use artificial flowers and plants to create a beautiful, welcoming winter holiday table? Here are my tips.

Tip #1 – Keep centerpieces low

Make your table beautiful and let your guests talk freely over the centerpiece with this Peony and Rose arrangement.


This beautiful Peony and Rose arrangement includes large bold red blossoms, pine cones, greenery, and red berries that encircle a black candelabrum. 


For some families, the winter holidays, like Christmas and Hanukkah, are some of the few times they all get together. Don’t impede the conversation by blocking someone’s view of another person with a tall centerpiece.


Choose a centerpiece that’s a foot tall or less like this beautiful Ranunculus arrangement. Make up for the loss of height by choosing a centerpiece that spreads out a bit on the table.


Long, short arrangements can still make a statement without forcing your guests to lean around them to talk to the people on the other side of the table.

Tip #2 – Make it personal

Use individual arrangements like our DIY Faux Flower Arrangement to create a more personal setting at your holiday meal.

Instead of one big centerpiece, consider placing a small plant or arrangement like these beautiful magnolia stems, at each place setting. You can even use the plant or arrangement as a place card holder so your guests know where to sit.

Want to really impress your guests? Give the small plant or arrangement as a gift to each of your guests, so they can enjoy the beauty in their own home.

Tip #3 – Use greenery and fruit

Decorate your table with this wide arrangement of Poinsettia, Succulent and Pine Needles. Add a few red apples or pomegranates, and you’ll have an elegant holiday table tableaux.


This arrangement of Poinsettia, Succulent and Pine Needles would look amazing on any dining room tabletop.

If you’re not a flower type of person, try using greenery to decorate your table instead. Place a garland of fake greenery down the center of the table.

Nestle some red and white bells, apples and pomegranates into the greenery to add a touch of color. The great thing about using artificial greenery is it won’t dry out and drop leaves or needles all over your table.

Tip #4 – Spice up your front door

Nothing welcomes your guests over better than the presence of a beautiful holiday wreath.


Bring the holiday spirit to your front door with this Feather Branch Twig Greenery and Red Berry Pinecone wreath.

Bonus – Re-use your artificial plants, flowers, and arrangements during the Spring

One of the best parts of decorating with high-quality artificial plants is you can often re-purpose them across the various seasons. By simply changing a planter, adding in some festive picks, or adding stems with differing colors, you can completely transform the look of an arrangement, allowing you to re-use it during another season.

As you decorate for your Winter holidays, start thinking about how you might transform your arrangements to use during the Spring. Need some inspiration? Check out our blog post with tips for decorating your holiday table for Spring celebrations.

The winter holidays are the perfect time to pull out all your tricks and delight your guests with a celebration they won’t forget! We’re here to help you create memories and traditions that will last a lifetime. Check out this video from House & Home on Christmas decorating tips!


What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Leave us a note in the comments.

And, as always, please let me know if you have any questions.

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