8 Window Herb Garden Ideas that Will Add a Little Fun & Funky to Your House

Do you know that Berenstain Bears story, the one where the kids find tons of ways to use an old box “inside, outside, and upside-down”?

Herbs are a little like that… there are a million ways to grow them, and people are coming up with new and interesting setups all the time (just take a look at this Pinterest collection…).

Fun and Funky Herb Garden Container Ideas

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The great thing about herbs? They don’t need much room to grow, just a little light and some good soil. In fact, every container you love could and should be considered a potential garden for your window.

Below are a few ideas to get you going on that herb garden for your window (or porch).

Using Old Tin Soup Cans As A Planter For Your Herb Garden

Or those canned goods that have such pretty labels that you hate to throw away….why not fill them with herbs? Just be cautious of the sharp edges and be sure to wear gardening gloves when you are planting them.

Growing herb garden or starter seeds in old soup cans

The other thing to consider is adding a layer of primer paint and then painting them something colorful. The result has two positive outcomes. First, the primer and paint will keep the cans from rusting. Second, you can paint them to match or compliment your indoor decor or outdoor decorations.

Using Galvanized Steel Containers Or Washtubs For A Garden Container

Galvanized containers make perfect herb planters! Hang galvanized tubs with L brackets on the front or back porch.

Growing herb garden or starter seeds in old galvanized containers or wash tubs

Where can you buy old galvanized tubs or washtubs? Try looking at your local flea market or antique shop. If the cost is too high or if they don’t have any, try looking at your local swap meet. Farm supply stores often carry new ones, but they won’t have that aged patina until you leave them out in the weather for a while.

Using An Old Rubber Boot For A Planter Or As An Herb Garden Container

Wouldn’t it be beautiful on the porch step with mint billowing out of the top and cascading down the sides? The great things about rubber boots is they can often be found at your local Goodwill store or at second-hand thrift shops.

Growing herb garden or starter seeds in old rubber boots

Can’t find any used rubber boots? You can order a host of colorful rain boots on Amazon like these beauties.

Upcycling An Old Tea Kettle As A Planter For An Herb Garden

What about grandma’s old tea kettle? (That you just love the look of but can’t use because the inside is all full of rust.) Basil, chives, and cilantro tucked into the top would be so quaint on your kitchen windowsill!

Growing herb garden or starter seeds in an old tea kettle

Using A Rustic Wood Box As A Container Planter For An Herb Garden Or Flower Garden

If you can find an old rustic crate laying around, it can make for a great planter. If you need to buy something, Amazon sells a beautiful wooden box set that would make a rustic garden addition to any sunlight room in your house!

Growing herb garden or starter seeds in a rustic wood box

Upcycling Single Use Plastic Bottles For Herb Garden Containers

Recycling used plastic bottles is important and definitely don’t throw them in the garbage. Check out this fun idea of using single use plastics bottles as a hanging planter or even as an herb garden.

Recycle Plastic Bottle For Planters Or Herb Gardens

Before you use any old plastic container, though, be sure you educate yourself as to which plastic containers are safe to use as planters. You don’t want residual chemicals leaching into your herb garden.

Using An Old Hiking Boot (Or Pair Of Hiking Boots) As Herb Garden Or Flower Garden Planters

But don’t forget that favorite hiking boot!  Consider the catchy conversation starter this would make as fresh healthy herbs spill out of a roughed-up, weathered boot. It’s even better if you have the matching pair.

Using An Old Hiking Boot For A Planter Or Herb Garden

Rather than stuffing the old boot with a bunch of soil and planting from there, it’s best to use a plastic container and plant your herbs in that container and place the container into the boot. That way there are no chemicals from the waterproofing process of the boots that might leach into your herbs.

Recycling Old Tea Cans Or Coffee Tins As Herb Garden Planters

If you love herbs chances are you love tea or coffee. Why not reuse your old tea cans or coffee tins to start an herb garden?

Using An Old Coffee Or Tea Tins As Window Planters Or Herb Gardens

I hope you enjoy these fun and funky ideas for planters and containers that can be used to start an herb garden, window planter, or even an outdoor planter. If you have ideas that you think are fun, be sure to share them in the comments!

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