6 Reasons a Prayer Plant Should Be Part of Your Home Décor

The prayer plant gets its name from the way its leaves fold together at night, like a pair of praying hands. These beautiful plants originally hail from the central rainforests of South America.

Prayer plants are a great choice to include in nearly every home or office, and we pulled together a list of reasons that every home should have at least one prayer plant in it.

Why Prayer Plants Are Good For Homes

Why Prayer Plants Are Good For Homes

There are several reasons why the prayer plant makes a great plant for your home. They are easy to take care of and come in several varieties, all with beautiful foliage and a striking green color.

Their air-cleaning capabilities and heartiness make them great for any living space, and they’ll grow almost anywhere in your home from a hanging basket to growing horizontally from a pot. They make a great plant for novice indoor gardeners who want to start with a forgiving plant that doesn’t need a lot of care.

A Prayer Plant Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

A Prayer Plant Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

Feng shui is a way of setting up a room so it is balanced. According to the principles of feng shui, proper balance in a room helps ensure positive feelings.

The Prayer Plant is often considered a symbol of peace and prayer and can improve the flow of any room. The leaves folding inward represent a feeling of thankfulness and gratitude.

If you aren’t good at keeping plants alive, know that an artificial prayer plant works in feng shui, as well. For those without green thumbs or people who just don’t have time to care for a plant, artificial plants and flowers can be excellent for creating the positive energy that you want. If you want to know more about using artificial plants and flowers in feng shui, check out this post.

Prayer Plants Are Easy to Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

Prayer Plants Are Easy to Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

The prayer plant is a relatively easy plant to grow indoors with the right conditions. The prayer plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight.

In terms of soil, it does best in soil that is easily drained, and it likes high humidity. To create more humidity, try setting the plant near a humidifier or placing a shallow bowl of water near the plant. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy.

How Do Prayer Plants Grow?

How Do Prayer Plants Grow

Prayer plants can be grown from seed or propagated by cuttings. Propagation from stem cuttings is the most popular way to grow prayer plants.

Look for the points where the leaf meets the stem. This is where you will find the nodes. Cut just below one of these nodes. Dip the end of the node into water, and then dip it into rooting hormone powder.

Place the cutting into some soil. Keep this soil nice and moist, and make sure there is plenty of humidity while the prayer plant is growing its roots.

Prayer plants do not flower indoors, which makes it almost impossible to find prayer plant seeds. If you do have some luck and find the seeds, plant them directly in some soil and place a cover over them until they germinate.

What Kind of Soil Does a Prayer Plant Need?

What Kind of Soil Does a Prayer Plant Need

First and foremost, prayer plants need plenty of drainage. They shouldn’t be sitting in dense, soggy soil.

Make sure the soil you use is balanced and not too heavy as potting soil that stays wet for too long will lead to rot. Prayer plants grow perfectly fine in all-purpose potting mixes.

How Much Water Does a Prayer Plant Need?

How Much Water Does a Prayer Plant Need

Unlike other tropical plants, the prayer plant needs constantly moist soil. Make sure to water the plant when the soil starts to appear dry and remove any excess water from the saucer (if any accumulates at the bottom of the planter).

But be careful. Watering the plant too much will make it soggy and cause root rot.

A Prayer Plant Is Relatively Inexpensive

A Prayer Plant Is Relatively Inexpensive

Prayer plants are relatively inexpensive and can be found at major gardening centers, greenhouses, and online. These prayer plants are fantastic choices for your home that won’t break the budget.

Prayer Plant Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Prayer Plant Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Since the prayer plant can thrive in bright, indirect sunlight, there are endless possibilities for placement in your home. With glimpses of neon green, dark green, and sometimes even purples and pinks, the colors of the prayer plant bring a whole new vision to your home.

Prayer plants’ unique shapes can also bring interest and add variety to your decor.

Artificial Prayer Plants Often Look Just Like the Real Thing

Artificial Prayer Plants Often Look Just Like the Real Thing

Sometimes, you end up traveling a lot, or just don’t have the time to take care of real plants. Don’t worry. You can still find a place in your decorating scheme for prayer plants.

Artificial prayer plants are an excellent alternative because they look just like the real thing. Some of our favorites will brighten up your home’s décor in a flash.

Prayer plants are an all-around excellent plant to add to your home. With their beautiful foliage and easy-going nature, anyone can own a prayer plant. Comment below and share your favorite tips for incorporating prayer plants into your decor!

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