6 Reasons a Peace Lily Should Be Part of Your Home Décor

Tropical, soothing, and beautiful – that’s a Peace Lily for you!

Peace lilies are among the most popular houseplants, long known as a symbol of hope, prosperity, and tranquility. They are gorgeous, improve the air quality, are easy to care for and give your house interiors an elegant and welcoming feeling.

With adequate light, peace lilies produce white to off-white flowers during early summer and continue to bloom during other seasons under the right conditions. The plant has roots in South America and can grow to about 3 feet tall.

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Peace lilies are a great choice to include in nearly every home or office décor, and every home should have at least one peace lily.

Why Peace Lilies Are Good for Homes

Why Peace Lilies Are Good for Homes

While most houseplants are gorgeous, many are beneficial beyond their beautifying purposes. Peace lilies are among these plants that, in addition to making your home look elegant, improve air quality, prevent mildew formation, and remove mold spores from the air.

Here are the benefits and uses of peace lily plants in your home:

  • They purify the air
  • They beautify your home; even if you’re not an expert, there are many simple ways to use peace lilies in your home
  • They prevent mildew formation
  • They remove mold spores
  • They absorb acetone vapors
  • There are easy to care for
  • They are safe to use in the house

Peace lilies are an excellent plant for novice indoor gardeners that need a tolerant plant that doesn’t need much care.

A Peace Lily Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

A Peace Lily Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

Feng shui is about the balance and cheerful feeling a room produces when you occupy it. Feng shui plants welcome positive energy into your home. For those constantly asking themselves, “Are Peace Lilies good for feng shui?” the answer is a Yes.

The peace lily is a favorite in feng shui. Its ability to purify air promotes good oxygenation levels in a home, which is the basis of positive feng shui for well-being and health.

Its green leaves introduce mother nature’s life-giving and vibrant energy into a space, and the plant’s flowers represent peace and are believed to bring good luck to homes.

Artificial plants come in handy for those who tire of keeping plants alive or suffer from allergies due to pollen. And they can be good for feng shui, as well. Green, leafy artificial plants – like peace lily – add positive visual energy to a space.

Peace Lilies Are Easy to Grow and Maintain at Any Time of the Year

Peace Lilies Are Easy to Grow and Maintain at Any Time of the Year

Peace lilies can grow indoors under the right conditions. Growing a peace lily indoors means you need to provide adequate watering, fertilizer, consistent moisture, and temperatures above 60° F.

How Do Peace Lilies Grow?

Peace lilies can’t be grown by propagation by cutting, and growing them from seeds may take years. The good news is that you can grow this eye-pleasing plant by propagation by division. To do this, you first need to find a mature existing plant with several crowns.

Remove the parent plant from its pot, and identify a section of the crown with two or more leaves and a healthy root system. Use a knife or finger to pry the crown away from the mother plant. Plant the new child crown in a 6- to 8-inch pot with drainage holes.

What Kind of Soil Does a Peace Lily Need?

Peace lily thrives best in moist soil but drains well. The soil should be acidic, with pH levels ranging from 5.8 to 6.5. The ideal peace lily potting mix should have a ratio of 2:2:1 for sand, standard houseplant compost, and perlite or bark

How Much Water Does a Peace Lily Need?

Consistency is key when watering a peace lily. Keep the soil slightly moist to the touch but not overly saturated.

The plant can survive short periods of dry soil, but its leaves will start drooping, and the tips will turn brown if they lack enough water and humidity.

Other conditions

Peace Lilies need occasional fertilizing, mainly because they aren’t heavy feeders. You can fertilize them every six weeks in summer and spring to encourage growth.

The plant also does well in temperatures above 60 degrees. You should also keep them away from cold and drafty windows.

A Peace Lilies Are Relatively Inexpensive

A Peace Lilies Are Relatively Inexpensive

Peace lily is a relatively inexpensive plant. Its price mainly depends on where you buy it and the plant’s development. You can buy the peace lily as a fully grown plant, which is relatively more expensive than the starter plants.

Again, you might find that the peace lilies from flower and gardening shops are more expensive than those from a supermarket. Amazon also sells affordable yet high-quality peace lilies.

Peace Lily Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Peace Lily Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Peace lilies are flexible plants that will fit almost perfectly in various arrangements. They can thrive in bright, indirect sunlight, increasing options for decorating with peace lilies indoors.

Peace lilies look great in nearly every room. Consider putting one in your bedroom, sitting room, or kitchen area.

Artificial Peace Lilies Often Look Just Like the Real Thing

Artificial Peace Lilies Often Look Just Like the Real Thing

Artificial peace lilies are a perfect alternative for those who travel a lot, aren’t good at keeping a peace lily alive, or are allergic to pollen. The big flowers and lush green leaves give this faux plant a realistic look.

When clean, even a flower connoisseur can’t tell whether the plant is real or fake. You can get these faux peace lilies from your local store or buy them online on Amazon.

The bottom line

The bottom line

Calm, beautiful, and tropical. Sounds fancy, right? That’s what you get from a peace lily plant. It stands out not only for the great ambiance it creates but also because it’s a low-maintenance plant that can purify the air.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about all the reasons why peace lilies are great for your home. Do you have a peace lily? Let us know your tips for decorating with peace lilies in the comments!

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