5 Tips For A Successful Spring Cleaning


I don’t know about you, but Spring cleaning for me can be a time of renewal. There’s something cathartic about getting rid of old stuff and doing a deep clean on the house. The best part is getting things done in a specific period of time and then being able to enjoy the rewards of that hard work in the following months.

Since Spring cleaning is top-of-mind for a lot of folks right now, I thought I’d share five of my tips for successfully accomplishing a Spring cleaning project.

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Ditch The Harsh Chemicals

Bleach, Ammonia, Chlorine…all things that might be able to help you scrub off the grime, but you definitely don’t want in your lungs. Rather than going with these overly harsh cleaners, consider using a citrus-based cleaner that is much gentler on your skin and respirator system.

This citrus-based cleaner can do all the heavy work of those nasty chemical-filled cleaners. Just read the reviews.

If you absolutely must use harsh cleaners, remember to wear protective gloves and a mask that can help filter the harsh fumes. Be sure that you have plenty of ventilation and only use as much of the harsh stuff as is absolutely necessary.

Do Your Best Not To Replace Old Stuff With New Stuff

As you go through old boxes and bags of “stuff” that you have collected, consider donating gently used items to a charity like Big Brothers and Big Sisters or the Salvation Army. If you check a list of local charities that accept donations, you might even find that the charity will come to your house and pick up items.

Once it’s out of the house, though, resist the temptation to replace old stuff with new stuff. Remember, the more boxes of things you have in the attic or in closets, the more opportunity to dust to gather and dust mites to breed. This can be bad for allergies and creates more hassle keeping things clean.

Whenever you’re tempted to buy something or place an order online, just silently chant the mantra “less is more…“.

Less junk means more time that you aren’t cleaning.

Give Your Artificial Houseplants and Flowers A Shower

Artificial plants, flowers, and arrangements are great and relatively easy to keep clean. I find that a quick hit with a Swiffer Duster or similar product keeps dust from accumulating on the leaves.

The Swiffer Duster can be an artificial plant owner’s best friend. Just a quick dust once a month and they look like new.

Once a year, though, it’s a good idea to give your artificial plants and flowers a good cleaning. Earlier this year, I wrote some tips for keeping your artificial plants clean and one of my favorites was cleaning them in the shower.

Just rinse off the leaves or petals in a gentle shower and leave them in the tub basin to dry. Do this once a year and you’ll minimize any dust accumulation that might build up.

Get Things Up Off The Floor Or Ground And Put Them In Bags

One of my favorite ways to reduce the clutter is to use hooks and bags. In a closet, it’s easy to mount 4-5 hooks and then hang color-coded bags that contain like items.

For example, one hook and bag for winter hats and scarves. Another hook and bag for mittens and gloves.

Hanging bags on closet hooks are a great way to get clutter into the closets…in an organized manner.

It’s a nice way to keep seasonal items packed away, but then easy to find when the first snow hits.

Set A Hard Timeline For The Project And Then Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor

One potential challenge when it comes to de-cluttering and cleaning is knowing when to stop.

If you’re a home owner, the to-do projects are almost never-ending, so setting a hard deadline for your Spring deep-clean activities can give you a set time-box and give you a self-imposed deadline for accomplishing what you want to get done. Remember, you might not check off every box on your list, but that’s okay.

The goal is to make noticeable improvement, reduce the amount of clutter that has built up over the last nine months, and bring a sense of renewed cleanliness to your house. The items that don’t get done can still be accomplished over the next months, but don’t overdo it by trying to solve every cleaning/de-cluttering challenge in your house.

At the end of the project, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

BONUS – Look To Others For Ideas On How To Organize

If you’re like me, you draw inspiration for organization by seeing ideas of how others have de-cluttered.

I love looking through Pinterest for ideas on how to clean up the clutter and get better organized. Here’s a great board that might help you with some inspiration as you get started in your Spring cleaning.


There you have it!

Five tips for your Spring deep-clean and de-clutter. Have a tip that you have found works great during a Spring cleaning? Be sure to share your tips in a comment below.


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