4 Tips For Giving Artificial Flowers As Gifts

4 Tips For Giving Great Flower Gifts

It may seem like the gift-giving holidays are behind us, but the big flower-giving holidays loom just ahead. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are just over the horizon, not to mention anniversaries and birthdays throughout the year.

It’s time to start thinking about your gift-giving options. Sure, you can go with the traditional roses for Valentine’s Day, but thinking outside the rose-colored box will let you give your loved one a gift better-suited for them. However, giving flowers as a gift is always a great idea, whether that be an artificial rose gift or real roses.

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So, how do you decide on the best flower-based gift for your loved one? Check out these four flower gift ideas tips to help you choose the best gift possible:

Tip #1 – Make a list of the things your loved one enjoys or is interested in.

Spend a few minutes making this list. Think about more than just the obvious. 

  • Is their favorite TV show “Doctor Who”? They might love a bouquet of TARDIS-blue flowers with a quirky note attached.
  • Do they love baseball? An arrangement in the colors of their favorite team with tickets to the game attached can brighten their day.
  • Is music their thing? Choose an arrangement based on the lyrics of their favorite song.

Choosing flowers that have a personal touch shows that you care not just about giving them flowers – but giving them flowers that mean something.

Is your loved one a big fan of a team with yellow and white uniforms?
Personalize your flower gift by adding some team apparel or tickets to the big game to this Hydrangea with Eucalyptus arrangement.

Tip #2 – Know their environment.

When you give a gift of flowers, especially faux flowers, you’re giving a gift that is going to be displayed in the recipient’s home or office. Make sure you choose an arrangement that complements the environment that it will be placed in. A flower gift box may be something to consider if you think they’ll add it to specific spaces around their home.

Does the recipient of your gift live in a small apartment? Brighten up their windowsill with these daisies in a lovely rectangular basket. A perfect flower arrangement in a gift box!


Tip #3 – Make it personal.

Choose flowers that evoke memories of another time or event to remind the recipient of time you have spent together in the past. The more thought you put into your history with the recipient, the more likely you’ll be able to associate the gift with a positive memory or experience. Think of these ideas for gifts for flower lovers:

  • Did you have a lilac bush in your yard when you were a child that you picked blooms from and took to your mom? Give her an arrangement that makes lilacs the focal point to bring back those memories.
  • Did your wife have lilies in her wedding bouquet? Choose an arrangement that draws attention to lilies to remind her how much you love her.

Did you pick peonies for your mom when you were little? Bring back that memory with our pretty Pink Peony Arrangement.


Tip #4 – Leave perfection behind

Your gift doesn’t have to be perfect. F. Diane Barth writes in Psychology Today that trying to find the “perfect” gift that makes us stand out as the “perfect” daughter, husband, sister or boyfriend can paralyze us into not choosing a gift at all. “Understanding these dynamics does not mean giving up on the search for a great gift, but it does mean accepting the possibility that there is no such thing as a perfect one!”

  • Do your best to choose flowers that mean something and look good, but don’t fret if they’re not exactly what the recipient would have chosen themselves.
  • Ask for help to determine someone’s taste if you’re having trouble choosing an arrangement. Generally, two minds are better than one.
  • Enjoy the process of gift-giving. Research shows that giving a gift activates pleasure centers in the brain, especially the ones tuned to enjoying social interactions. Psychiatrist Steven Schlozman says, “Giving gifts makes us enjoy each other. In fact, giving gifts might even make us like each other more than we already do.”

Enjoy choosing and giving a gift by browsing through our various collections, including our whimsical collection that includes
items like our Phalaenopsis Orchid in a Glass Container.

Bonus Tip – Don’t forget the benefits of artificial flowers

While choosing the right flower arrangement for a gift can seem daunting, don’t forget to consider the benefits of giving faux flowers.

  • No worries about allergies. Even if your loved one can’t walk outside without sneezing, they can still enjoy the beauty of flowers with an artificial arrangement.
  • Fewer worries about care. Faux flowers require little care. No watering or drooping blooms to be concerned about.
  • They can go anywhere. Fake flower arrangements don’t need sunlight, so you can place them in a cubicle in the middle of a building or a room that lacks a lot of sun exposure.
  • They last a long time. A bouquet of live flowers might last for a couple of weeks, but artificial arrangements can last for years.

No matter what flower-based gift you choose for your loved one, if you follow our tips for choosing a great gift, you can’t go wrong.

Let us know what types of flower gifts you like to give in the comments.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


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