10 Reasons to Decorate with an Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner, and my thoughts are turning to decorating for the holidays. While I love the smell of fresh pine, a live Christmas tree means vacuuming up a never-ending supply of needles and having to remember to water the tree, which is why artificial Christmas trees are a great option for many of us.

TIP: If you really want to think “outside of the box” on your Christmas tree, here are some great ideas for an alternative Christmas tree.

If you’re on the fence about whether to get a live tree or an artificial one to celebrate this Christmas season, check out these 10 reasons why you should choose a fake tree.

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Reason #1 – You can reuse it.

A common argument against artificial Christmas trees is that they are made of plastic and are, therefore, worse for the environment, but that’s not true because fake trees are reusable. A peer-reviewed study by the American Christmas Tree Association found that if someone uses the same tree for at least eight years, the environmental impact is the same as purchasing a live tree every year.

Reason #2 -No mess to clean up.

Live trees frequently drop pine needles, requiring frequent vacuuming to keep your carpet from looking like a forest. Artificial trees don’t have that problem.

For the most part, the needles stay where you want them – on the tree.

Reason #3 – No watering required.

Live trees require a lot of care to get them to last through the Christmas season. To avoid having the tree dry out, you’ll need to consistently water it, which makes it difficult if you want to travel during the holiday season.

Reason #4 – It won’t make anyone sneeze.

Live trees can carry pollen, dust and mold in their branches, which can make those with allergies miserable. A fake Christmas tree will keep all your holiday guests smiling – not sneezing.

Reason #5 – You won’t have to string the lights.

This might be the best part of owning a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree – no light strands to untangle and string on the tree. If you purchase a pre-lit tree, all you have to do is fit the parts together and plug it in.

Reasons to decorate with an artificial Christmas tree this year

Reason #6 – You get exactly the size and shape you want.

While live trees may give you a more realistic look, the reality is you have little control over anything except height when you purchase a real tree. If you take your decorating seriously and want to have just the right look, an artificial tree is your best bet. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any room in your house.

Reason #7 – You get more for your money.

Artificial Christmas trees might be more expensive than live ones up front, but over time, they are a better value than live trees because they can be reused year after year. Live trees end up on the garbage heap as soon as Christmas is over.

Reason #8 – It can match other decorations.

Some people prefer a hodge-podge of decorations, but others want everything to match, right down to the foliage patterns of their greenery. With artificial trees, you can make sure your wreaths and garlands have the same foliage pattern as your tree. That’s much harder to do with a live Christmas tree. Check out our tips on how to incorporate faux flowers to your winter holiday table décor.

Reason #9 – It’s not a fire hazard.

Hot lights and dried out branches can make live Christmas trees a fire hazard in your home. However, nearly all artificial trees are made out of flame-resistant materials that lower the risk of your tree catching on fire.

Reason #10 – No drooping branches.

If you have heirloom ornaments on your tree, ones that have been handed down for generations, the last thing you want is a drooping branch to cause your treasured ornament to slip off to the floor where it can shatter or be stepped on. As live trees dry out, their branches begin to droop, making them a dangerous place to be for those treasured heirlooms.

Artificial Christmas trees are a great choice for creating a festive atmosphere in your home without the maintenance required of a live tree. Choose one that best fits your home and start decorating. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and Christmas carols!

Which do you prefer, live or artificial Christmas trees? Let us know in the comments.

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